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The daily grind

Morning coffee is non-negotiable. About a billion (that’s billion. With a b) people around the world enjoy at least one cup of coffee every day. In the UK alone, we throw away about 2.5 billion cups per year – and they all end up in landfill. That’s insane.
Daily Grind

Luckily, 2018 is shaping up to be the year of keep-cups-on-the-tube and 25p off when you bring your own cup. Making the small change from throw away to take with will have a huge, positive impact on the environment … and your wallet! At a 25p discount per cup, if you’re a daily doser you could be saving cash within 6 weeks.
Heres a few of my faves to get you started:

Tip: This can be the kind of thing that people won’t buy for themselves and they make a great gift! Most can be customised too X