Trying kindness

Ballyhoopla aboutThoughts, brands and products that are helping me find a more considered way of living – trying to find ways of making my footprint on this great big earth just a little bit smaller.

You don’t need loads of cash, you don’t need to buy hemp pants and start using rock deodorant (though I swear by the latter) but you might find you need to walk in with an open mind and be prepared to part with some of the convenience we’ve all become accustomed to. X

The daily grind

Morning coffee is non-negotiable. About a billion (that’s billion. With a b) people around the world enjoy at least one cup of coffee every day. In the UK alone, we throw away about 2.5 billion cups per year – and they all end up in landfill. That’s insane.
Daily Grind

Luckily, 2018 is shaping up to be the year of keep-cups-on-the-tube and 25p off when you bring your own cup. Making the small change from throw away to take with will have a huge, positive impact on the environment … and your wallet! At a 25p discount per cup, if you’re a daily doser you could be saving cash within 6 weeks.
Heres a few of my faves to get you started:

Tip: This can be the kind of thing that people won’t buy for themselves and they make a great gift! Most can be customised too X

Seeking a low impact, gorgeous and kind way of living